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per Car 600
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  • Hotel Pick up
  • Accessibiliy
  • Pet allowed
  • Large baggage


Sevilha is a typical mountain side small village, located at about 2km distance from Tábua village.

This small locality charms all its visitors for its peace of mind and tranquillity, traversed by the lovely Cavalos river, affluent of the majestic Mondego river, maintaining almost intact its ancient rural ambiance, with many rural heritage legacies throughout the region, such as water and wind mills, among others.

Located in between the Estrela and Caramulo Mountain Ranges, Sevilha has had human occupancy since early times, with some Roman occupancy vestiges, as one can observe in the roman roads vestiges, in the lovely Cavalos river banks.

This Andalusian city is a city full of life for its color and innate joy of its people. There live and live on the street at any time of the year. There are cultural initiatives, shows and walks around the city have a mandatory stop for museums and unique monuments.

What's include

  • Wi-Fi
  • Water
  • Wipes
  • Child safety seat
  • Return